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Founded in 1979, Unicorn Limited provides information  on Celtic, Viking, Scottish, Scots-Irish, and Scottish-American topics. Owned and operated by Dr. W. R. McLeod and his wife Vicki, Unicorn has long been a fixture at the Scottish Highland Games. Whether you're looking for more information on your family's history or for an elusive old bagpipe tune, Unicorn is your best source for all things Scottish.



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Unicorn Limited specializes in the reproduction of older, out-of-print, out-of-copyright music books. Dating back to the earliest printed bagpipe music books and coming up into the mid 20th century, this is your best selection of early and historical bagpipe music. Request your copy of our comprehensive  piping catalogue today!

And there's so much more! But we can't possibly list everything here. From Scottish art prints to small Scottish antiques, antique and estate Scottish jewelry to hand-dyed silk scarves — you never know what you'll find in our next email! So be sure to sign up for our weekly emails today! That way, you'll always be in the know about what currently is available from Unicorn!

We offer materials on all aspects of Scottish history and culture, including those books relating to your Scottish or Scottish-American family.  We have information on literally hundreds of families, with new listings being added each week. So keep watching your inbox for news of new and interesting titles. Sign up for our weekly emails today!

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